Tom Milligan | Future of Chef Industry

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

"Tom Milligan is a man in charge of mentoring the next generation of Australian chefs. The Technical Director of Le Cordon Bleu, Tom hails from the Northeast of England and began cooking at the age of 16 after falling in love with food at a young age.

Interview with Tom Milligan
Tom Milligan | Future of Chef Industry

"He has worked in the world's most esteemed Michelin-star restaurants and hotels, with internationally acclaimed chefs. Tom boasts a culinary career as impressive as his menus. Now working for Le Cordon Bleu Australia, he cites his passion in life being able to transfer his skills and knowledge onto the young generation who are entering the profession.

"Chefly app is a great platform for chefs who have either been stood down or are out of work due to COVID-19. They have the time available to make a little income on the side, but they also have the freedom to be creative, to express themselves, and to try something different.

"There is a shortage of chefs in Australia, but unfortunately because of the pandemic, many of them are out of work. Once we resume normal hospitality operations again, chefs will be back in demand. Chefly app gives them more choices. Do they want to work in a commercial kitchen, or do they want to work for themselves?

"What I love about the app is that chefs can showcase their food offering with inspirational menus, their finest food photography and a short bio, and consumers can engage directly without ever needing to pick up the phone."

"Australians want to cook, but they are so time-poor. Inviting a chef into their home is not only convenient, it's aspirational. Diners are seeking that restaurant experience at home, so to have a platform that allows diners to connect with chefs is really exciting. It's truly the first of its kind, and it could be the future of personal dining.

"The app, while in its infancy right now, has so much potential. We need to get chefs using it and to collaborate with each other, and with the co-founders to exploit its true potential."

Want the freedom to choose where and when you work? With Chefly app you can do so much more than that.

DOWNLOAD the app in App Store or get in it on Google Play.

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