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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Picnics are amazing! 🙌

They’ve been enjoyed for centuries and the word “picnic” is theorized to come from the French phrase “pique une niche” meaning “pick a place.” It has always been about getting away whether in your own backyard, beach or local park and a great way to connect with family and friends.

Whilst the packing may seem too hard… it isn’t, and it’s totally worth the effort! Here are some essentials you need and some tips to make your picnic a success:

Picnic Basket🧺

Have a dedicated picnic basket filled with the essential items including plates, cups/ glasses, cutlery, cutting board, paper towels (if you don't want to spend time packing yourself - there are plenty you can order online ready to go).

Picnic Blanket

The best and comfiest are large blankets, so you have plenty of space to lounge (and it will be easy to toss in the washer if there are any spills). If you really want to get fancy, scatter some cushions or get few sling chairs.

Gourmet Spread 🧆

You can’t go wrong with an antipasto style grazing board or charcuterie. If you are looking for someone to have those made for you, download Chefly app and see local chefs around your location creating picnic platters.


Whether it’s a mocktail or something spiked, having drinks is hand is important, but having them cool - is essential.


Freeze some water battles the night before and they will serve as ice packages and once melted - your water.

Games & Music 🎶

No picnic would be complete without a series of entertaining games and activities. If you're the creative type - start with a theme, it will help you with the decorations, games and music. Oh and don't forget the Bluetooth speaker.

Here is a checklist you can use to ensure all the things you need are packed!

Download a PDF below:

Amazing Picnic Checklist
Download PDF • 225KB

Download Chefly today to find chefs around your location on App Store or Google Play.

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