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Mastering the art of good communication is key to building long-lasting relationships with clients as a personal chef or cook. Whether you're venturing out on your own for your first private dining experience, or you've done this a million times before - good customer relations will help grow your business, drive positive word of mouth and give you some loyal clients who will book you again for your services.

1. Nail the small talk. Ask questions to find out common interests, find out what your client does for fun, where they like to travel - or even about their family and kids.

2. Be engaging, warm and friendly. A smile and a good rapport can go a long way in this business. You don't need to be a comedian but having a good sense of humour will help to break the ice.

3. Make lots of eye contact with your diner/s. Make them feel comfortable and relaxed, but also think about how your body language is coming across. Are you open and friendly, do you use your hands a lot when talking? Open body language will instantly make diners feel more comfortable.

4. Practice active listening. This can be a tricky one when you're trying to chop, dice or slice at the same time, but responding to your customer with emotions, and showing feelings can really help you to connect.

5. Lastly, share your own knowledge and tips with your customers. Talk to them about the food you're preparing, why you've chosen certain ingredients - what they are good for. Do you have an interesting story to share about the origin of the ingredients? Make them feel that they are getting value from the experience, more than just being cooked for!

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