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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

"I was always good at cooking, even from an early age. My grandparents were amazing cooks and their influence sent me in that direction. I excelled at culinary classes in school, and wanted to go overseas, so it was the perfect opportunity to travel around the world doing something that I love."

"I've worked as a chef in Paris, London and Dubai, in Michelin-star restaurants, running kitchens and managing staff for more than 20 years. With a French-trained cooking background, I am lucky to have experienced lots of diverse cultures and cuisines, from doing pastry courses in Singapore to cheffing in fine dining establishments in Europe, like Michel Rostang, The Greenhouse, Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons all two Michelin star restaurants and Sydney's esteemed Italian eatery, Pendolino."

"Over the years, I have done a lot of work with farmers to ensure that we [chefs] go direct to pick the produce. A lot of the ingredients that you find in supermarkets now is quite generic, but if you can include fresh, seasonal and local produce in your menus, always get it direct from farmers. "

"We source a lot of seafood straight from South Australia because it is such high quality - if you can translate that into a menu. You are selling a prime product so you can charge a premium price. Never compromise on quality for the end product. "

"Now I spend most of my time dedicated to @Eggzi, the country's bespoke producer of free range, pasteurised eggs. We work with regional Australia’s finest free range egg farmers to deliver ethical eggs, to cafes, restaurants, bars and commercial kitchens Australia-wide. We are trying to educate chefs in Australia about the value and safety of using pasteurised eggs, which in turn ensures they are compliant with the Food Authority. "

"There will be a lot more people, particularly with COVID and rising restaurant prices, preferring to dine at home over going out to a restaurant for a fancy meal. It's not only more affordable to hire a personal chef, but it's more desirable too. You get to buy the wine, and enjoy the comfort of your own home, with friends, family or a partner in your own private dining space! What's more to love?"

"For me personally, working 100 hours a week, it’s pretty full on, so when I want to catch up with friends on my day off I don’t have the opportunity to prepare food. It would be great to have a Chefly chef come over in the morning to prepare the Sunday lunch!"

If you are a chef wanting to sign up to #cheflyaustralia, visit: The app is launching soon!

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