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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

That wholesome childhood food

I won’t deny it: food is a massive part of my life. Whilst I can’t proclaim myself a ‘foodie’, ready to try the latest cult restaurant or the most Instagrammable new cafe for brunch, I definitely have a palate for all things yummy.

Before settling in Australia, I had the opportunity to live and travel around the world which comes with the benefit of amazing culinary experiences. While there are a lot more places I would like to visit and food to taste, Sydney has offered so much and I got to discover new dishes and flavours I hadn’t sampled before cuisines that couldn’t (and still can’t) be found in my little hometown in the heart of Latvia. I'm reminiscing about the coconutty richness of Laksa, the spiciness of a chicken biryani, or even the delicate sweet-yet-salty flavour of sushi.

I cherished these culinary adventures, but I also miss the wholesomeness of my home food: the dark rye

breads, the potato pancakes, the earthy mushrooms with herbs… The dishes I long for the most are the ones my vecmāmiņa (grandma) used to make. So simple, yet so rich that they have left an undeniable ‘flavour-mark’ on my taste buds (perhaps also because they come accompanied by sweet childhood memories).

Summer lunches at grandma’s usually involved Auksta Biesu Zupa, the cold beetroot soup. Topped with egg, dill and sour cream, this refreshing, colourful dish is a must on a hot and humid day. One simply cannot get bored of it. Nanna Baiba would be in the kitchen, pots and pans bubbling, sleeves rolled up, her hands peeling and chopping those sweet potatoes like a well oiled machine.

Esmeralda Karlsone Chefly

I have never tasted a beetroot soup like that since. And while Sydney offers an abundance of delectable restaurants and diverse cuisines, sometimes it is the more obscure dishes that I miss the most. I am referring to those that remain undiscovered and perhaps don’t appeal to most palates. So, I am aware that if I want them, I have to make them myself!

This leads me to the next part of this post: time.

Who has time to cook?

I recently read about the growing trend in Australia of ditching the processed foods and frozen dinners for the wholesomeness of meals that are cooked from scratch, preferably with local produce. This resurgence of how our grandparents used to live.

This is amazing, but it still begs the question: who really has time to cook these days?

And I am not just talking about cooking three impressive courses for your dinner party. No. Everyday meals, weeknight dinners, packed lunches…they all take an insane amount of time out of our already busy lives. So much so that even those who do enjoy cooking, often revert to meal delivery services, compromising on quality for the sake of time convenience.

Not to mention the boredom of eating on rotation, the same six recipes you feel comfortable making in a short window of time.

What if I told you that you could have it all? Quality, diversity and convenience.

Hire a personal chef

In an attempt to solve this conundrum, my business partner Daniel and I founded Chefly.

Chefly is an app that answers the omnipresent questions: ‘what’s for dinner?’, ‘what shall we have for lunch?’.

How? It is a digital marketplace that connects you with professional chefs and expert cooks in your local area who are available to prepare delicious meals from fresh ingredients, based on your tastes, needs and directly from your kitchen. No more compromises, now you can have the wholesome meals your nanna used to make, without sacrificing your time.

If you are feeling sceptical, I understand. Traditionally, chef hire has always been an expensive service that only the wealthy could afford. That is not the case with Chefly. The app aims to democratise access to a private chef, offering affordable prices so that you can even indulge in a 5-star dining experience without breaking the bank and feeling guilty.

Chefly is more

Chefly will offer an alternative to expensive restaurants and low-quality food delivery creating a community of local chefs with a passion for their craft and connecting them directly to diners seeking a personalised, enriching dining experience.

Chefly is more than in-home dining. Chefly is also there for ..

Your Meal Prep - Let your private chef do the prep for you, so you can free up your personal time. ‘Shake up’ the way your family eats and enjoy delicious meals prepared for the whole week, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Catering your Events & Parties - Why slaving away in the kitchen for hours to treat your guests? Why pay a premium for a catering company for your event? Chefly has the perfect chef for you.

Cooking Classes - Learn how to recreate traditional recipes from a variety of cuisines around the world. Connect with Chefly chefs and get your hands dirty, cooking up a storm.

Become a Chefly early adopter

We are ready to launch in NSW in June, and across Australia very soon! You can receive updates by signing up to our mailing list.

We will let you know when you can download the free app and hire your personal chef.

In summary, Chefly is the app for you if:

  • You want more time on your hands to spend with loved ones or doing the things you like

  • You want to eat fresh, wholesome and authentic food, with locally sourced ingredients

  • You care about the origins of your food

  • You are keen to try the latest and greatest food experiences

  • You want to impress your friends and families with something different and unique

  • And for those who don’t enjoy the process but love the result..

Curious? If you have any questions, we are here to help you. Ping us a message.

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