Sommelier Series | 10 cocktail questions to Jordan at Kid Kyoto

In the next instalment of our Sommelier Series where we sit down (virtually of course!) with some of Australia's finest cocktail shakers, winemakers and tasters, we asked bartender, Jordan Marsden at Kid Kyoto, 10 of your most burning cocktail questions.

1. How did you get into bartending?

I was working at the local pub in my hometown, which my mother owned and that gave me some basic experience starting out. Over the years I've worked at Coogee Pavilion, Bar Luca and Mejico in Sydney, and some bars overseas.

2. Have you served drinks to anyone famous?

The Aussie actor who is in Stranger Things, the host of The Block, and a few people from Home & Away but I’m terrible with names!**

3. Before you start your shift, how do you prep the bar?

Every bar is slightly different. At Kid Kyoto ( , I know what will be ordered most commonly, so I set the bar with what I will be using most to least. I like to keep it simple.

4. How many cocktails do you know how to make?

Hmmm, not sure on exact numbers but it would have to be over 40!

5. What is your signature drink?

This will sound weird to a lot of people, but a Rye Whiskey Espresso Martini, with a dash of hazelnut. You have to try it to believe me.

6. Most unusual drink you have been asked to make?

A Kalimotxo. At the time I had never heard of it. I have only ever had one person ask for it and it is red wine mixed with coke.

7. And what should we all be drinking during a lockdown?

It's getting warmer now, so it might be time to start busting out the Margaritas. Otherwise, a good Old Fashioned will warm you up on a cool evening.

8. Can you share any cocktail pairing tips for meals?

A good general rule to follow is to match the food with a spirit of the same country of origin. Tequila and Mexican for example is a winner. A Margarita is perfect for pairing with some delicious spicy fajitas.

9. What one spirit should we all have at home?

Definitely vodka. It's the most versatile and mixes well with lots of things, from an Espresso Martini to a Pornstar Martini, Bloody Mary or a Moscow Mule.

10. And lastly, any tips for setting up your own bar at home?

Stick with the basics. A few different kinds of spirits, some lemon and lime juice and some homemade sugar syrup will get you going with almost any classic cocktail.

We've found some home bar inspiration for our future villa and and with that, we're logging online to buy some vodka for the bar cart at home!

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