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We know that soon you will be hosting your very first dining experiences for clients, with Chefly. But before you get started, we wanted to share a list of handy tips and guidelines to help you win over diners, before, during and after your first at-home dining experience. We want you to shine and leave a great impression because happy customers are loyal customers!

1. Respond to diners in a timely manner - keeping diners waiting could result in you losing business.

2. Ensure you allow sufficient time was booked for the experience – use the Chefly Calendar to check your plans and availability.

3. Communicate via the chat function in the app, don't forget to ask:

  • How many guests will be attending

  • If there are any special requests. e.g. your client is celebrating a special occasion

  • If any of the party has dietary requirements or allergies

  • What kitchen equipment is available

  • Where you can park nearby

1. Be punctual – arriving on time (or even a few minutes early) sets a good impression

2. Be professional and friendly. If you are well organised and prepared for the event, it should run seamlessly. Be polite and courteous towards your diners, smile and engage with eye contact.

3. Be respectful towards diners and their property – remember, it is not a commercial kitchen, so some equipment might be more delicate, and they won't have all the tools you'd usually expect!

4. Food preparation and cooking – do your thing, this is where you wow them with your culinary skills!

5. Serve the food up at the table – deliver those amazing dishes direct to the table and let diners enjoy your exquisite food.

6. Clean the kitchen afterwards. It sounds obvious but make sure you leave the kitchen clean and organised, just like you found it.

1. Reflect on the experience – what went well and what can be improved upon for next time?

2. Ask your diner/s for their feedback on the experience - testimonials are key to growing your business.

3. Let us know your feedback - what we can do to make the experience even better?

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