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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

One of the newest chefs to join the Chefly community is Brazilian-born, Rodrigo do Vale, Corporate Head Chef at Ezard Group in Melbourne. We are super excited to welcome him to the fold.

Interview with Rodrigo do Vale
Journey Through Food

Not only does Rodrigo come with an inspiring culinary background, he also hosts the podcast Feijoada Cast, which features everything Brazilian gastro-culture, and is in charge of cooking Brazilian fare for the Consulate General of Brazil.

We are also thrilled to announce that Rodrigo is going to be a Chefly Brand Ambassador, so look out for lots more Insta Lives, exclusive recipes and interviews with him over the coming weeks!

Now we will let Rodrigo share his own culinary journey with you...

"I never actually wanted to be a chef. I always hated being in the kitchen as a kitchenhand, but one of the guys I worked with said that chefs will always have a job. That thought stuck in my head for a long time.

"I went on to take my marketing apprenticeship in Brazil, in 2002, but I knew my English wouldn’t take me much further in meetings, and that the only way to improve my language skills was to move to an English-speaking country.

"I'd always dreamed of living in Australia, so after moving to Sydney about 15 years ago, I worked as a kitchenhand and completed my TAFE course. I fell in love with the fresh, seasonal produce and the remarkable kitchenware here.

"Over the years I have worked with Luke Mangan, led the culinary teams at David Jones' kitchens, consulted for Rockpool Dining Group and been a Senior Sous Chef at The Grounds of Alexandria.

"I moved to Melbourne in 2020 for a better lifestyle, and because my wife landed a great job opportunity. A month later we were in lockdown. Who would have thought it? I worked as an Executive Chef at a hotel there initially, before it turned into a quarantine hotel, but now I am the Corporate Head Chef for Ezard Group.

"It has been inspiring working with Chef Teage Ezard, who has transformed his business since Ezard restaurant closed permanently last year during COVID-19. He has found ten different ways to continue making money - from cooking at-home meals for diners, to innovative new ways of operating a cashless business.

"One of my recent projects involves cooking Brazilian cuisine for the Consulate General of Brazil in Sydney. Together with five other chefs who I hand selected, we will be showcasing a series of videos featuring traditional Brazilian dishes, on the Embassy Instagram page. We want to show Australians what amazing ingredients we import from Brazil and how to use them in cooking.

"I heard about Chefly through one of the co-founders, Daniel. We used to work together in a busy restaurant in Darling Harbour. Daniel didn't need to say much before I was asking him how and where to sign up.

"For chefs, Chefly brings a wealth of new opportunities, especially during such a challenging time for the hospitality industry. We need to be more open-minded and allow ourselves to embrace new ways of cheffing, because the industry is going to look very different over the next few years.

"We need try something new and be open to new opportunities and new business coming through a different channel. The app formalises the process of personal cheffing, making it much more secure and a viable way to earn extra income."

Download Chefly app now and try it out -

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