Chef Fabio | Journey Through Food

"My love for food, particularly fresh, local produce, began from an early age. I would watch my grandmother, mother and father cooking in the kitchen, and always enjoyed learning something new. While I may be the only chef in the family, they taught me vital skills to set me up for my first foray into the culinary world. I never wanted to spend money on MacDonald's, instead I would buy fresh ingredients from the local shops and start cooking at home, at the age of 16.

"I've worked everywhere, from bakeries to patisseries and renowned restaurants. I love making food, eating and experimenting with it. Every moment of my waking life is devoted to the stuff. I like seeing how happy it makes people when they try my food. That is my passion.

"I always try to improve on what I am doing, even if it’s the best pasta in the world, I strive to make it better. My hero dishes are spaghetti or fettuccini, paired with squid ink, but vegan pasta is a go-to as well!"

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