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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Chef Cristiano comes from a beautiful city called Treviso (northeast Italy) with many canals, battlements and vaulted arcades. The city is known for being the original production area of Prosecco wine and radicchio and is thought to have been the origin of the popular Italian dessert Tiramisù.

His journey through food has taken him all over the world, with plenty of adventures, experiences, challenges and successes.

J+C Private Chefs
Journey Through Food

"Cheffing has been part of my life since I can remember. My mother is a chef and I worked in our family restaurant from a very young age. I went on to study hospitality and was persuaded by the art of mixology by blending, shaking, stirring, building and muddling but a teacher of mine believed that I had talent in the kitchen and convinced me to focus on cheffing and so I did.

"This opened my path and took me on an incredible journey. The first abroad restaurant I worked in was in Moscow and after that, I worked through Europe while gaining incredible experiences in high-end Italian restaurants.

"In 2012 I moved to Melbourne and started working for Guy Grossi at Grossi Florentino before moving to the iconic Royal Saxon in Richmond, where I met my current business partner Josh. In 2018 I started working at Caterina’s Cucina e Bar where they were awarded the first chef's hat from the Good Food Guide.

"I have always had a passion for great quality, fresh and delicious food with a focus on tradition. So when I started working in Shadowboxer Wine Bar which has an ethos on Australian produce, wine and spirits it aligned with my ideas.

"This profession has become a big part of my life and I cannot see myself doing anything else so the next natural step was to create something that would allow me to engage in a deeper connection with the customer, a chance for a conversation, to share our stories and passion for food with the diner.

"J + C Private Chefs was born in 2019 with the intention of bringing Josh’s and my skills to diners homes. Building this business has been the proudest moment in my career so far. The ability to create menus, build an experience and deliver it in such a personal way is extremely rewarding.

Find Cristiano and Josh (J+C Private Chef) profile on #cheflyapp and browse their incredible set menus.

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