7 Kitchen Gadgets

If lockdown has got you back frantically baking banana bread again, or rifling through the cookbooks in search of anything but a one pan pasta bake, we have some gadget inspo that is set to rock your world. (At least for the next few weeks!)

We are coming to the rescue of wannabe bakers, pastry makers and cordon bleu chefs in the making, in kitchens up and down Australia! Discover the 7 top kitchen gadgets you didn't know you needed until lockdown.

1. A paring knife

Everyone needs a great paring knife, in their life, right? Make the food prep easy for yourself, while you can't hire a personal chef to cook for you. A paring knife lets you mince and chop, trim and shape, peel and core - simple!

2. A baker's dusting wand

Shower those beautiful cake creations (or failures) with icing sugar to decorate, or mask another failed attempt at cake making with some magic fairy dust of the edible kind.

3. A Butter Spreader Knife

We don't know about you, but making toast in the morning feels like such a chore when the butter rips the bread to shreds every single day! For the perfect slice of buttery toast (topped with your choice of Vegemite, avocado or jam), invest in a decent butter spreader knife that easily shreds cold butter for toasty goodness.

4. A 2-in-1 Mushroom Cleaning Brush

A what now? We also didn't think about cleaning mushrooms before cooking with them, but you learn a LOT in lockdown. Mushrooms shouldn't be washed in water because they quickly absorb it and can take longer to cook. The flexible bristles in a cleaning brush eliminate dirt without damaging the delicate skin.

5. A Quesadilla Maker

Because everyone loves a Mexican themed night (translation, an excuse to drink Margaritas!)

6. An egg yolk separator

We won't yolk around with this one. An egg yolk separator is a godsend because we're sure you are are all fed up of trying to do it ourselves - and want to avoid any more yolky stains on your clothes.

7. A salad spinner

Also known as a salad tosser, (the good kind) this tool is essential for washing and removing excess water from your leafy greens. It uses centrifugal force to separate water from the leaves, and as we all watch our waistlines, salad is a great addition to a pasta dish, steak or fish.

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