5 Artisanal Herbs & Spices You Need In Your Kitchen

If you're used to basic seasoning, cooking with fresh herbs and spices can be a revelation.

We've put together the ultimate artisanal herb & spice lis. Ready to get cooking?

1. Shiso (Perilla frutescens)

The Japanese name for the perilla herb, #shiso can be enjoyed raw, cooked or even pickled, and boy does it pack a punch in food. A cross between mint and cinnamon with a hint of cloves, sow this herb in your garden as it thrives best when in direct sunlight.

2. Epazote

This mighty Mexican herb was first used by the native people that inhabited the central and northern parts of Mesoamerica. #Epazotebestows flavour to everything it touches, from quesadillas to esquites (toasted corn), and Arroz a la Tumbada (a traditional Mexican dish featuring white rice and seafood). 🍚

3. Nigella sativa

A relative of the popular flower love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena) #Nigellasativa famously features in many Indian dishes. The delicate, herby onion flavor makes for a flavoursome garnish on baked goods, vegetables, fish, salads and can bring any culinary menu to life as a seasoning alternative.

4. Lemon basil

What is this herb wizardry we hear you ask? Which culinary genius combined the essence of lemon with the sweet anise flavour of basil? We don't care, we are just excited to taste it! 🍋

5. (Carom)

You might be more familiar with the name #carom rather than #ajwain, but they are one and the same. With a vague resemblence to fennel seeds, but smelling like thyme and tasting like notes of oregano and anise, this plant will blow your mind! Grown in India and Iran, ajwain, is not to be eaten raw because of its bold and dominant flavour. Instead, add it to curries or dals and as a preservative in chutneys, pickles, and jams. 🍛


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