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About Us

Chefly is revolutionising the way chefs show up, and the way consumers can experience quality fresh food in the comfort of their homes. The app was created to be a bridge between diners and talented chefs, cooks and culinary professionals and we are very passionate about the business.


We believe that everything is about convenience

and that is exactly what Chefly is to diners.


After extensive market research (and increasing value of delivery platforms), we found that diners can’t find the time or the want to cook on daily basis but are looking for nutritious homecooked meals, so we made it our mission is to make it quick

and easy for diners to browse, select and book local chefs of their liking.

With background is in hospitality, we know firsthand that cheffing is a very demanding job. This platform offers a new way for them to generate extra income and showcase their skills. Chefly offers the ability to create their business with one simple app.


This tool will empower chefs and support local communities.


We are recruiting a wide selection of chefs offering catering, delivery experiences and cooking classes in addition to one-off dining experiences. Chefly has already become a tool for corporate companies looking for catering solutions, which is part of our greater vision.


Chefly app was launched in NSW in  September 2021 Australia-wide (the unfortunate turn of events was it had to be in the midst of Covid-19 lockdown) on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Esmeralda Chefly


Revolutionize the way we eat at home by creating a community of local chefs with a passion for their craft and connecting them directly to diners for personalized dining experiences.



Become the leading provider of cooking services by offering a wide range of culinary professionals on a global scale with application across both residential and commercial properties.

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