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Chefly is revolutionising the way chefs show up, and the way consumers can experience quality fresh food in the comfort of their home. 

Pronounced: /ˈʃɛfli/

Our Meaning: Made at home fresh by someone skilled, talented and passionate with gourmet cooking skills.

Chefly is founded by entrepreneurs Esmeralda Karlsone and Daniel Dolezal. They both have years of experience working in hospitality and saw an opportunity to connect diners with chefs in Australia.

Chefly is designed to be easy to use mobile platform that allows anyone to book an affordable personal chef experience at home. The platform will allow for great personalisation by the user, choosing from four tiers of chefs (executive chef fine dining style, an experienced chef or upcoming chef for more casual dining or a home-cook for comfort style food). Plus they can filter by type of cuisine, occasion and type of service. 

The Chefly platform will give chefs from all walks of life the opportunity to supplement or even replace their income from traditional chef roles, giving them greater life choices and freedom. It will provide a platform for chefs to be creative with their food offering, to display their genius and to build their profile. 


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Esmeralda Karlsone


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Born in Latvia, Esmeralda has lived all around the world and after 7 years in Australia, she calls Sydney her home.


With a Bachelor Degree in Business and years of experience in the hospitality industry,  she has worked hand in hand with many talented chefs to create wonderful experiences for diners. In addition, Esmeralda has been part of multiple global organisations empowering companies to achieve business goals, through powerful and strategic events. Her journey and her skills have inspired her to create Chefly.

Her goal is to develop and build a platform to educate, connect and inspire people.

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Daniel Dolezal 


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Daniel has always been passionate about service which lead him to study Hospitality Management and pursue his career in this industry.

After years of working and managing various restaurants in Sydney, he has built a large chef network and is aware of the pain points of their jobs.

He is focused on the idea of changing the standards of the personal chef industry and providing exceptional service to diners through the Chefly app.


Daniel's dream is for Chefly to become part of diner and chef everyday.